FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: The Ultimate Guide

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: The Ultimate Guide

The FIFA World Cup is the biggest and most important event in the world. It brings together all of the best players from around the globe to compete in one of the largest tournaments ever. This guide covers everything you need to know about Qatar 2022, including where to go, what to expect, and how to watch.

What is the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022?

From June 20 to July 8, 2022, Qatar will host the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, an international football tournament. There will be several teams in the competition, most of which are from Europe. It will also see the return of the Asian Cup, which was staged in Qatar for the first time in 2018.

The Doha 2020 World Cup Commission announced on 6 May 2019 that the tournament would take place in Qatar and it would be the first time that an international football championship had been staged there since 2006. The duration of the tournament has not yet been released, but it is set to last for around six months. As with all major tournaments, there will be preliminary and knockout stages where teams from across the world compete. There are also plans to have a women’s version of the event as well as a professional team called Qatari Stars.


What is the tournament’s duration?

As with all major tournaments, there will be several rounds including both preliminaries and knockout stages. Preliminaries will take place between 15 and 30 May while knockout stages will happen from 31 May through 7 July 2020. Each round will have five groups;  each containing four teams, with one group winner qualifying for the next round while two groups runners-up play for the third and fourth spot respectively.

The draw for each stage takes place at a later date; however, due to scheduling conflicts, some rounds may already have their matches played out before this happens. To make sure everyone who wants to attend can do so, tickets are available through official channels like travel agents or online resellers such as StubHub or Viagogo.

What teams are participating in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022?

There are currently eight teams registered with FIFA: America (US), Australia Group C (Aus), Bahrain ( Bahrain ), ChinaPR (PRC), Croatia (Croatia ), England (England ), France (France ), Germany (Germany ), India (India ), Japan (Japan ) and the Korea Republic(Korea Republic ). These teams were added over time as more nations joined FIFA; however, all eight squads are set to participate in Qatar 2022.